Our Users

In some 40 countries, government officials in licensing, customs, law enforcement, policy-making, and intelligence roles rely upon the Risk Report on a daily basis to help make decisions of strategic importance.

More and more companies have come to realize the potential damage that can come from unwittingly doing business with a restricted party or an entity linked to a dangerous weapon program. The “bare minimum” version of due diligence is not enough to protect companies from such transactions, particularly when weighing costs of a bad decision: hefty fines and reputational damage. The Risk Report helps companies that want to take an extra step when it comes to compliance.

Government Use

  • Analysts use the Risk Report to build entity warning and blacklists
    • In 1998, U.S. officials used data from the Risk Report in designating firms involved in nuclear tests in India and Pakistan.
    • Officials in the United Nations, the European Union and the United States used data from the Risk Report in designating Iranian firms involved in Iran’s illicit nuclear and ballistic missile efforts.
  • Customs officers use the Risk Report to check shipment manifests and screen cargo
  • Licensing officials use the Risk Report for pre-license checks, or to explain a decision to an exporter
  • Prosecutors use the Risk Report to build public cases

The Risk Report database is an indispensable IT- tool which allows us to have a wider perspective, including background of the entities suspected of proliferation of WMD. Our experience with the Wisconsin Project is of truthfulness, easy interaction and access to privileged and updated information that allows us to fulfill our national and international security responsibilities.

Director for Licensing of the Export Control SystemMinistry of Economy, Mexico

Company Use

  • An analytical imaging company in the Netherlands uses the Risk Report to screen customers
  • A European defense conglomerate incorporates customized data from the Risk Report into its existing compliance screening system
  • A Silicon Valley software firm employs the Risk Report in its day-to-day due diligence procedures
  • A Japanese electronics corporation uses Risk Report data as part of its automated screening.

Whenever our sales team identifies a new prospect located in a high risk region our trade compliance team relies on a quick and easy search using the Risk Report as one of our primary screening resources.  The Risk Report allows us to more easily identify end-use screening risks and red flags related to the activities of a potential customer.  Risk Report searches provide email addresses, telephone numbers, aliases, and physical addresses so that variations in entity name translations can be identified.  When used in combination with other screening processes, the Risk Report provides our compliance team with a high level of confidence in the accuracy of our analysis.

Jim StuhlbargDirector of Operations, Synopsys, Inc.